My name is Vineet Wadhwa. I am the Chief Technology Officer at Logic Eastern. The whole experience has been fabulous. The design thinking was completely transformational. I think whole thing changes the way you observe things and you organize answers in your head and the way you think about it. The way I analyze a situation now, if you throw me into one, is completely different and much more structured than what it was before the beginning of the course. The project work is great. I mean we, we actually are putting together a team which could actually walk into a running company and the prototypes have been done. And I think the whole project experience has been fabulous. The MIT Sloan Executive Program in General Management helped me to, you know, get an idea of what it, it gave me enough pointers and directions so that the rest of the learning, you know, I can do on my own. And now when this is just about ending, I want to do this all over again.
Vineet Wadhwa