Hi, my name is Shekar Tirumalai. I'm from the EPGM 2016 cohort. EPGM is a launchpad for most of us who've spent a number of years in our career. MIT Sloan is one of the best organizations with tenured professors who can actually teach you what it takes to be successful in life. The kind of experience that we've had, we all look for success in terms of, where do we go next? Networking, working with the ecosystem, working with the Martin Center Trust, working with Legatum Center, and having an office in CIC has made a big difference to me.During the course of EPGM, we had a project which was Skill Enable, which was basically a social enterprise on a mobile platform. We took that and took it live. What is important to understand from the project of Skill Enable is that networking is key to success, and no better place than MIT Sloan for you to get that through. We worked together in the whole ecosystem, we understood how the ecosystem can support our success, and we brought that out. Today, that has led to many more projects. We've had a lot of alumni who can actually give you a lot of experience. My class had about 1,000 years of work experience, and we were students from more than 20 countries. So, it has given me that outreach.

I personally think that MIT Sloan Executive Program in General Management is one of the best courses. It has been a springboard to my career, it has given me a second launch after 20 years of work experience, and I think it's a great, satisfying learning, enriching, and value-based experience.

Shekar Tirumalai