Hello, my name is Sevgi Koklu. I work for IBM. The MIT Sloan Executive Program in General Management was extremely transformational for me. I learned so much, not only we learned the frameworks for each topic that we were introduced, but also we were applying those in a classroom setting via various simulations and interactions with our classmates that have been very, very helpful. So it was not definitely on the paper. It was something that we could definitely use, apply again and again, and that was one of the key takeaways for me. The overall ecosystem was fantastic. It's the place actually where the technology meets business and makes it real and makes it happen. It's a great, great environment for that. This is a great program. You definitely have to come. There are global leaders from so many different countries, from so many different cultures, and you'll enjoy the interactions. It's really a life lasting experience.
Sevgi Koklu