Dave Robertson:

An MIT Sloan, we're devoted to our mission to develop principled, innovative leaders who improve the world and to generate ideas that advance management practice. Hi, my name is Dave Robertson. I'm a senior lecturer at MIT Sloan School of Management and I'm the Faculty Director for EPGM. The goal of the curriculum is to teach you the skills you need to understand evolving markets, exploit new technologies, and apply new business models. Participants from EPGM come from all sizes and types of organizations from large global 100 industrial companies to small technology startups.

Giang Pham:

The most valuable aspect, actually my cohort, they are more than 50 people from more than 20 countries with a diverse background. They are super generous and accomplished human beings.

Dave Robertson:

The learning journey covers a wide range of topics, everything from strategy and innovation to operations and finance and organizational change and leadership. And we do this through immersive exercises, simulations, online programs and work in teams.

Chetan Thakkar:

A lot of the faculty actually took the challenges from the real world and applied it in order to make these frameworks.

Dave Robertson:

EPGM is a 25 day program organized into five terms and because this is a program for emerging markets, the third term is in an emerging market, Kuala Lumpur.

Ulisses Cardinot:

One of the things that I thought it was really interesting was going to other countries. First we had the Boston classes and then we went to Malaysia and when I got there I saw this learning environment. I could understand, we could see how the country invested in education. As an educator, I know how education could change people's lives.

Dave Robertson:

An important part of the Executive Program in General Management is projects. On the very first day of the program we put you into real business projects created by the participants in the program. You develop those project ideas into finished proposals. On the last day of the program, we actually have presentations where you present the findings of your projects to venture capitalists and former startup executives.

Chetan Thakkar:

And these were real life problem finding experiences. We talk a lot about problem solving, but here is a case of problem finding, which in the real world is the real need of the hour, right?

Dave Robertson:

They're also a platform for leadership testing and coaching. The goal is that you emerge from the program with real feedback from smart people about how you can become a better leader and a network of 59 other accomplished executives who are not just your colleagues but your friends.

Anis Hamze Sinno:

I had the chance to meet many colleagues from across the world. We have friendships, we have partnerships, and ultimately it was a very enriching experience.

Nadia Tanveer:

It's just amazing. I don't think any other course would be able in such a short time to give a global perspective on so many elements of management and transform you into a true leader.

Tamer Teba:

What's unique about the MIT Sloan EPGM program? You never expect the amount of exposure and the access to the ecosystem, the access to the mentors and advisors. You get to enlarge your network, you get to know people who just have been through entrepreneurial endeavors.

Dave Robertson