My name is Michael Bowie. I'm currently a management consultant at Deloitte where I conduct cyber risk strategies for financial services companies. The MIT Sloan Executive Program in General Management has been very transformational for me personally because it's enabled me to better fundamentally understand who I am as a person. In large part because we do a lot of 360 degree feedback with a lot of the colleagues that are part of the program and as a result of the feedback that I get from my colleagues, that enables me in turn to better identify who I really want to be as an executive after I leave the program.

The biggest change for me has been around negotiations. We did spend a lot of time this year on negotiations and that's really enabled me to go back to my environment, to my professional environment, and really apply those skills in not only speaking with my clients, but also more importantly speaking with my colleagues as we work out solutions.

Best piece of advice is to reset your password. By that I mean that when you come to the program, you always have a pre expectation about certain thoughts and ideas about how things should be conducted based on your experience. By resetting your password, you enable yourself to open yourself up to new schools of thought at the program, and then obviously bring those ideas into your future. I think a good way for me to close about my experience at MIT Sloan CPG and program is that it is a journey, but it's the journey that begins, but it never really ends and it continues from this point on.
Michael Bowie