I'm Ching Soo. I've been in the technology business for over 20 years now and I was looking for a program to help develop my career and I'm so glad I found it in the MIT Sloan Executive Program in General Management. I will admit that this is the first time in my life that I can relate to something that I'm studying and I especially enjoy the subjects like design thinking, systems thinking, networks and influence, concepts which I instinctively use in my work, but this gives it a lot more structure and the exercises has been truly invaluable for me to test out some of these are concepts that I've learned. I also enjoy interacting with my project teams. I am very lucky to have in my group a very diverse bunch of people from countries like Peru, Brazil, Lebanon, Spain, different backgrounds, age groups. Yes, there's been challenges in terms of the styles, but I think it's been a very enriching experience for all of us. Looking back, this is probably one of the best experiences in my professional career. The 10 months is, I think, a great investment of my time, and I'm so glad that I chose MIT EPGM.
Ching Soo