I want to see myself as a better version of myself. Having spent 20 years in my career, it is time to take a stock of how my personal life is going. There is a need to rescale and reinvent myself. That's why I was looking for universities around the world, where I could go and do my course.INSEAD, obviously, was among the ones which I shortlisted and very likely I've done by choosing INSEAD. One, it gives a global perspective. It's closer to India and Asia, where I am based. I was not looking at America, so obviously, I was not looking at American universities.

Very right choice that I made. I'm very glad that I'm almost going to finish my course. The benefits that I derived would definitely have exceeded my expectations.

The most obvious thing has been the renewed confidence that I have got, and the network that I have built, and the perspectives that I got from around the batch of the classes, fully diverse people come from different industries, different backgrounds. It is a very sharp contrast to the single industry from which I was coming in. So that's been the biggest gain that I got and the quality of professors has been truly outstanding and world-class. The kind of perspective... Each and every one I was truly surprised every class that I've gone through.

For having spent the most of my time and career in India. So what I was looking for was a global perspective and obviously a certain perspective from outside the industry as well. I spent all my time in financial services, so having colleagues coming from manufacturing, telecom, FMCG, and various backgrounds, the way they think is very different from the way that my industry people think. So that has been a new learning for me.

The professors obviously come from around the world and of very, very high quality. That's something that's going to stick with us for too long a time.

So expectations usually weigh people down. So I would say enjoy the journey, enjoy the process. What the course offers is a world class faculty, a very diverse peer group and a fantastic infrastructure. Throwing these together along with the carefully chosen curriculum is good enough to make a professional much better than what they are and staying relevant in the market.

Rajesh Krishnan