My name is Yue Wang, I live in Nevada right now and I work for Blockchains, a computer software start up.

Actually applied to this program before I joined Blockchains. What actually attracted me is one thing, the quality of the program, the potential networking opportunity and the interaction I can have with the faculty. And the latest knowledge in industry practice I could learn from this program.

There's so many takeaways from the course. One thing definitely about the digital analytics part of the program, and my company were working on many different product verticals, blockchain related and then latest technology related. All the skills and knowledge base and the networks I take away from this program can apply to things at work immediately.

We have people from Africa, from South America, from Asia, from the US, its network is incredible and the different perspectives.

The faculties are amazing. Some of them are purely academic with an academic background and training. And some of them with a lot of industry practice.

I mean, the world is getting smaller and a lot more global and accessible. So this Global Banking Program  definitely connects all of us from different industries, different parts of the world, all together under one roof. And then we'll all benefit from what this program has to offer. And I think going forward, we can benefit more from the continuous interaction with each other.

Definitely say I'll recommend it to everyone I know, people at work or people at my alumni network. Even for people I don't know, potential applicants, I highly recommend this program.

I feel more empowered and connected to the world and to the other people trying to build the same dream.

Yue Wang