My name is Tara Foley. I am the Chief Operating Officer of Lloyd's Banking Group's Risk Division in the UK. I chose the Global Banking Program because I thought it was a great combination of looking at these emerging technologies and how they apply to business environments, so you can get a lot of courses that look at the technologies or purely look at business topics. This is a very nice blend of both.

The faculty is amazing. You get the opportunity to hear from people who are at the forefront of their topics, and it's a good combination of academia and actual business practitioners. So you get to have access to people that normally you just read what they're thinking about, but here you actually have them in the room and you can interact with them and also get the benefit of their up-to-date thinking.

I think a really, really diverse group of people, diverse globally and diverse professionally, so got to go to hear perspectives from different industries and also different regions, which is very, very helpful. Very interesting and also having fun.

The key takeaway is that really nobody knows the answer. Nobody knows how this is going to play out. But what's very important is that we, all of us in our roles need to be very aware of these trends. And we need to constantly be looking at how we can apply these emerging technologies to our operations and how can we make sure that we stay relevant because the pace of change is extremely fast, which we're all aware of, but there is no, "here's the blueprint, here's the answer." You've just got to keep evolving. I found it really fun, very engaging, very relevant and very interesting.

Tara Foley