My name is Pedro Fernandez. I'm from Brazil and I work for an inter-dealer broker TPI-CAP. I'm the COO of this company and I'm also the managing director of a retail investment platform. My main goal was to understand what was happening all around this digital world and FinTech impact over market trends and how this could somehow impact my business.

Brazil has one unicorn company and there is a big wave of other small medium shops trying to achieve such status. There is a lot of enthusiasm in Brazil around FinTech and the atmosphere is great. It was not the first time I worked with people from other nationalities but it was even better this time because there was a really broad range of people from pretty much every part of the world.

The campus is great, the location's great. The classes, structure, problems itself, it was very good. I would recommend this course for both those that are just coming out from university and then like to get a deeper knowledge from the digital FinTech ward, but mostly to those that are in a more senior position and somehow things happening too fast and they didn't... Were able to catch up. I took the Global Banking program and now I feel much better positioned to speak about several topics and to share knowledge among my peers and among my workplace. We expect a lot to take from this course.
Pedro Fernandes