Hi. I am Kamalesh Rangan. I am from Hyderabad, India. I'm a banker and also an experienced person in consulting on banking products. Being a banker for the last 28 years and exposure in all segments of banking, with the current evolution of FinTech and the regulatory FinTech that's happening around, I wanted to know and update myself with the current global pace of this business. My key takeaway would be at Global Exposure and Networking, the industry experts views on what perception they have in the future of the financial industry and what exactly are the trends that's happening across in terms of innovation, in terms of FinTech, across the industry.

This is something at Great Exposure, after a long working experience, and all with close to 25 countries, people's representations are across that thought process as completely different, the thinkings are different, exhibiting their views. It's absolutely global. This Global Banking Program has helped me to get myself fixed in the metrics of the globalization of the industry. The last three modules, one that happened in New York, then London again in New York. The faculties are awesome. The best part is it's not just a professor that's been introduced to us. It's also from industry experts, particular viewpoints. That's a good, real healthy mix. This is a forum that is an exchange of ideas, and this is helping us to understand what exactly is happening in the world.
Kamalesh Rangan