My name is Juan Carlos Machorroz. I am a Mexican attorney. I live in Mexico City and I am a partner of a large Mexican independent law firm. Most of my work involves cross border transactions, multinational companies, and a lot of financing work. So to me, approaching a program of this nature, called global bank, with the new trends and new technologies, the FinTech component and the like was very appealing. There are a lot of programs for lawyers, but the attractive thing about this program to me was to mingle with the technical people and the financial people and learn from the pipeline, not only the regulation or the legal side of the equation, the program offers, as well, in addition, of course, to the academic practical know-how and the know-who of being with different persons involving one part in New York, the other part webinars going to London, then webinars again and finalizing and graduating in New York with 60 plus people from all over the world, all of them, basically high reputed executives and senior officials of their respective countries and their respective firms. It gives a unique value to this kind of problem.I enjoyed the faculty, great people, great professors, great personnel, great facilities. They accommodated our needs in a very nice fashion. I would recommend it basically to anyone wanting to know a bit more of where we come from and where we're headed in terms of global banking. Any executive, any service provider, a lawyer, an accountant, a financier that wants to know a bit more from the pipeline, from inception on where this disruptive FinTech concept is coming from and where it is oriented and how it will help not only the institutions, but people. At the end of the day, I would recommend that they take this program.

Juan Carlos Machorroz