My name is Fadi Chalouhi. I'm the Group General Manager for Retail Banking in Kuwait Finance House in Kuwait. The reason for choosing the Global Banking Program was primarily because of the brand name, so Columbia is a reputable organization and university. Second was the choice of faculty and speakers, and the curriculum as well in the coverage of the courses which covered the breadth of banking activities as well as a lot of fintech subjects were interesting. The key takeaways of the course are that this is an industry in development. There's a lot to learn and it's being shaped as we speak. There's a lot of interest in it and clearly a lot of work still needs to be done for us to understand where this is going.

One of the key benefits of the program is the peers and the network established with faculty and with the attendees of the course, very diverse backgrounds, truly international, many, many industries. One of the other benefits as well, the faculty and the depth of the knowledge that we could tap into in this program. So there are many things that I can take away from this for implementation or serious consideration. The blockchain discussion was very interesting. It was humbling to see the diversity of experiences and the different markets. So the Brazilian market is facing very, very different issues in certain ways than we are in Kuwait. But at the same time, some of the problems look very, very familiar. And that applies to all the different geographies across. So I think there's a lot to be learned from the colleagues and the attendees of the course.

This is a very good program for executives looking to broaden their views on the issues that are currently being faced by banks and by entrepreneurs trying to get into the financial space of the fintech space. It gives you a very big idea of all the issues that banks have to deal with. So it's a very interesting point for fintechs. But at the same time, it gives the banks a good view on the fintech approach or the struggles that they are facing when entering different fintech spaces.

Fadi Chalouhi