My name is Eric Hernandez. I'm originally from Mexico City, but I've been living in New York for 12 years. I'm a CPA by training. I have an MBA. I work in a $10 billion community bank. I've always been interested in just being up to date with knowledge, especially these days with technology trends. And I came across the mobile banking program through LinkedIn and I just felt that it was in line with my line of work and it would give me the opportunity to not be fearful about new trends like Fintech or Blockchain. So I just wanted to get the fear out of me by bringing in knowledge instead.

In general, Columbia means reputation. I think that when I saw the course, I just looked at Columbia and said, "Wow." I'm a New Yorker. Columbia, it's a perfect combination.

I would recommend this program for executives, financial institutions, whether it's a bank, insurance company, brokerage houses. There's myths about technology innovations. I think that coming to this program and learning the realities behind them, it's really helpful, especially for executives who might be around or have been around the industry for a while. And after a while you feel a little rusty, so I think that once you're exposed to what's happening, what's up in coming, it's like, "Oh, okay, so it's not that scary." And, "Oh, now I can think of different ways of how to leverage."

After taking the Global Banking Program at Columbia. I feel empowered. I feel that I have more questions than answers, but that's good because when you're in business, you want to have an open mind. You want to be creative and I think that after taking the program, I feel that my view on the business world is slightly different. And I definitely want to bring that knowledge to my company and see what else we can do. Taking advantage of everything that's happening these days.
Eric Hernandez