Hi. My name is Chaitanya. I work for one of the global banks based out of India in Mumbai. I have over 20 years of experience. I chose Global Banking Program because it satisfied two or three criterias that I had. Columbia being one of the schools located in New York. It always gives an edge to the university and professors because this is where the financial capital is, this is where most of the financial institutions and banks are located. So in terms of the content, I was assured that it will be very relevant for me. I knew that there were going to be a lot of participants from other countries, other industries like technology companies or entrepreneurs who would come, and getting their perspective would be very important for me. I wanted to learn from professors who are not only going to give you theoretical content, but some of the applications that they might be doing through their consulting assignments, and I found that it was there that some of the faculty like we have in this program.

I think the benefit there is each of these peers could also be potential clients or partners. So getting their perspective about banking, getting an understanding about what is happening in that country, or in that region, or in that industry helps you to understand how could we position the bank that we have in terms of offering those services or even understanding what strategies we should have to grow our own bank. The world is getting very much collaborative, so whatever you do or whatever happens in any part of the world now has an impact on you, whether you understand it or not, immediately. So, knowing it and understanding it is important. Second, the bank that I worked for is a global bank and we have a presence in almost a hundred countries across the globe, so it is important for us to know what people are thinking about, what people are seeing in their countries, or companies, or regions because that helps us to strategize much better.

I think the faculty is amazing. A lot of them have worked on so many papers and so many assignments in their careers so far, that what they talk about is very relevant. Some of the courses that I particularly liked very much was on the behavioral finance side, which was pretty amazing. We also had participation from industry, and that's very relevant, again, because that gives you a different insight on how things are changing.

Chaitanya Ghaisas