My name is Yash. I work for a company called Serco. Serco is a public service provider for integrated facility services around the globe. They are a three billion revenue company. Mainly the head office is in UK. I currently work in Dubai as a project manager for inner city wide portfolio.I was looking for a development in leadership and general management, and this course is exactly matching my requirement. Columbia brand name by itself is very well associated around the globe. It's a well renowned name. It is like a star name, so we ought use that brand for ourselves.

The key takeaway from my course is we learned about strategy. We learned about sustainable advantage and how to maintain the competitive advantage and the leadership skills. So we have mates from Croatia. We have from UAE. We have from Singapore. We have from US and Australia, New Zealand, all these locations. So we get in together. Everyone is having a different culture, but when we get into this class, we are mostly like minded people. Every day in my industry, an international network is very much essential. For a growth strategy that is being adopted in my organization, we need to have networks around the globe to grow our business.

So these are the important networks that we have. So to develop and to work on these areas, we need to know the people. Only by doing an online module it will not work. So we need to come here, see these people get in together, get close and make things work. Definitely this will be useful for my future. And the exact program for management, we have three modules. Two models are taught in New York. One model in Dubai. A place is also very much important in a program. So when we come and do the course at a place, it's different from an online module. The reason is that you interact with the people, you carry the memories, you can imagine, you can visualize and that is where you can recollect things. If you're doing just an online module, it's just about studying,

You're not learning. This program is more about general management or leadership. So I would recommend to any colleague, peers or any other person, any of the stakeholders, because it doesn't cater to only one industry. It caters to many industries because what is taught in these classes, very general about leadership, general management, and all the tools that has been taught for usage can be used by many industries.

So I can recommend to energy, I can recommend to IT, I can recommend to healthcare. To have a competitive advantage for yourself and to react in this changing world and to keep ourself alive and to strive with the competition, definitely these kind of executive education programs are must, and we must learn those and do these programs on time to stay ahead in the growth path. So getting an alumni status from Columbia Business School is a great achievement and it's a long term memory and the greatest moment that I got to remember.

Yashwanth Narasimhan