My name is Nividita Hegday. I'm a Business Management Consultant. But I specialize in HR, Lean Six Sigma and business processes. The Columbia Executive Management Program was exactly what I was looking for. When I looked at the curriculum. This was just the right duration, the right topics that were covered. I would not want to go again for a two year MBA. So this was perfect.The network was probably the biggest takeaway from the course. Because we all gelled, we come from different backgrounds. But yet there was a synergy in the group. It was just amazing. Just being with these people, with my colleagues and talking to them has given me perspectives about other areas of business, which I can apply towards my future clients or existing clients.

I've done online courses from Wharton and Cornell. This experience is different because you actually interact with people. You know who they are. You're experiencing them in 4D and then you go back. So your memory and even then when you're typing something on WhatsApp. You know who you're typing it to.

I think that 4D interaction that you have on a daily basis when you come here. I think that makes a huge difference. That definitely adds on to the strength of any online module that you may give after that. If I have to do a sum total of what the experience, I would say it was great and I would definitely recommend it.

Nividita Hegday