I decided to enroll in Executive Program in Management because it's a program conducted by an Ivy League institution like Columbia. It's a chance for me to reinvent myself. I've been a young executive, and started very young. At the age of 29, I got into responsible positions and now heading various companies in Southeast Asia. I think the most important part of EPM is our cohort, the people from various nationalities, about 20 nationalities from various industries of people. The people are all senior level executives, give me a very refined outlook on what's happening in their sector and help me learn how I can implement those learnings in my industry? The strongest part for Columbia is the faculty. We were taught by 18 professors who are so experienced who really know how to hit the nail hard. Very good people, very approachable. We used to ask any question to them and they replied and cleared our doubts. In a very professional and humble manner.I would definitely recommend this course to my peers in industry, guys especially who are into middle level to senior management level positions who are having 10 to 15 years of work experience. It will just refine them. It will lead them to what's exactly happening in the industry and globalized world. The professors in Columbia are having exposure to the best of the best minds in the world. It will definitely help all of them in taking their leadership skills and statistics skills to the next level.

My own outlook has changed since I started doing that course. It gave me a clarity of what exactly right now I'm doing. It is in lines with standard practices or in lines with today's world, all the challenges we are facing. I was wrong on some, I was right on some, so where I was wrong, I will be correcting them. Where I was right, I will be doing it much better. Until date it was career 1.0. From today, career 2.0 starts.

Deepak Tomar