Hi, I'm Carlos Pineda. I work for the Diageo in the alcohol industry. Definitely, Columbia University is a university recognized and very prestigious, and that has been a critical item for me to choose to take this course. This course has stood out for me in the sense that it was very flexible. We had the opportunity to attend on site only three weeks during the course of nine months. It also has a lot of diversity of people attending, different industries, different markets, different countries, different level of people attending, so that gives a lot of diversity and flexibility.I think the diverse perspective allows you to have a different point of view, to start thinking out of the box. We typically are very concentrated on our industry, so seeing how other industries are evolving, how are they implementing new technologies, new ways of working, that really allow us to think differently. I think the Columbia Executive Program in Management has allowed me to grow in three areas. The first one is around leadership. It allowed me to understand myself, where are my strengths, where are my opportunities? The second piece is around understanding and creating awareness of myself, and the third one is going to be about connections. We were more than 16 different nationalities, more than 16 different countries where people are living, so that gives you really broad ways of thinking and different perspectives that really help you to grow.

The faculty has been great. We have people who have very deep studies in the area that they are talking about. We have a lot of experience, not only academically but also outside in the industry. I think the course has been very dynamic. We have had the opportunity not only to interact with the faculty but also with our peers, not only during the classes but during lunch or when we go out after the classes are done. Having that high level of interaction has really helped to build very, very strong relationships.

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone that is looking for growth in leadership, and also if you want to stay connected with what is happening in the outside world. Sometimes we are so focused in our industry, but this gives you the perspective of what is happening in other industries. What are the advancements that are coming, what are the things that are working, what are the things that are not working? That gives you a really broad perspective of what is happening out there.

Carlos Pineda