My name is Alsalt al Kharusi. I'm from Oman. I head the Corporate and Institutional Banking group with Oman at our bank.I joined Columbia University to do the Executive Program in Management in order to excel further.

Some of the key takeaways for me, is the self awareness and self development. It brought out the inner self and made me aware of my actions, and the type of personality and character that I am. And with that it helps me understand the other side or other people I deal with, especially in the management role better. The strategy and the leadership skills it has taught us, and the terms of execution and the follow through, were all quite important aspects and tools I have learned from the course and a key takeaway for me.

The period of the course it was a quite international platform I would say, with approximately probably more than 20 nationalities on the course with us, and it was very engaging, because everyone was providing their real life examples. And when you do such thing that does mesmerize, and it does sink in and click with you with your own personal experience.

The faculty on the course to me were I would simply put it as superb. I enjoyed the engagement, the extensiveness on the subjects that was covered. They were able to explain it well to us, and demonstrate good examples, and engage with. The beauty also of it was that they did not provide us the solution or the answers, but they allowed us to think about it and engage, and take it away so we know what would work best for us.

Definitely I would recommend the course to my colleagues, and from Omar our bank, I was the first one to come onto this course at Columbia, and the one of the main criteria is to determine if this would benefit the organization and other senior management within the organization, which I believe would definitely do. And that message will be sent. And I do expect we would see more from Oman coming onto the course in the future.

Alsalt Al Kharusi