The Columbia Advanced Management Program for me, wasn't a destination as much as it was a journey. And that journey continues even to this day around, how do you take some of the learnings that you had and apply them to everyday life. Or, how do you give that back to others that may or may not be going through the AMP Program? For me personally, it cemented the fact that I wasn't the only one that was out there trying to figure out how to have a high powered career, have a family of four young kids, have a successful marriage. How do you blend that all together? And at times you really felt alone and I found a group of people who are struggling with something very similar. Now almost two years later, I still reach out to a big group of those fellow peers and bounce ideas off of them and say, "Hey, here's the strategy that I'm going to try in this particular emerging market, what do you think?" You add that on top of the Columbia Alumni network that you have access to, it's pretty remarkable that types of information that you can get and the types of people that you meet just through that interaction.
Rachel Mushahwar