I'm working with Executive Search so I meet a lot of successful executives almost every day and I do actually think that we make the world a better place by getting the right leader into the right position. As you can hear that leadership is a dear topic to me that I really care about and you do get the opportunity to become that better leader through Columbia Advanced Management Program.

One of my key takeaways is actually the return on reflection and the need for me to schedule time for it in my calendar. I think it will help me quite a lot actually to focus on what really matters and what brings value to our customers, instead of diving into operational things straight away. If you're on your own, it becomes very difficult to find the time, set aside time, spend it and actually learn. Here, here you have all the resources. You have the teachers, you have the coaches, the professors, different case studies and not least you have the other participants from all around the world that are in executive positions and have so much experience and can come in from new angles and delve into each other's challenges and bring in new perspectives.

Karin Åge