My name is Joerg Biebernick, I'm the President of Kimberly-Clark for Latin America. Kimberly-Clark is a major FMCG company, about 20 billion in sales and 40,000 people employed.

In my current role as the President for the Latin American operations, I have approximately 13,000 people in my division and it's a couple of billion dollars as well.

For me personally, the most impactful things that I learned here at AMP was getting clear about my values, who I am, what I am not, being more authentic, understanding my strengths, but also my derailers, i.e. the strengths that when they go to an extreme can actually derail your performance. Being aware of the role and the hat I'm wearing in the company, all of those kinds of things were very important to me.

And my experience was coming out of the first two weeks and going back into real life that I was probably more relaxed. I took myself more back, I listened more to other people. I built more on what they had to contribute versus correcting and superseding them.

And so the feedback I've got was much more mature as a leader. Deeper conversations, people felt more heard and respected. So, all the kinds of things actually that as a leader I aspire to. To be the kind of person that inspires performance in others. I attribute that also to the Columbia Advanced Management Program.

I think this program is great for people who have a curiosity about themselves, who believe in continuous learning and progress and who are very successful already, but who kind of have that question on what else they could do and who else they could become in the future.

Joerg Biebernick