My name is Haris Fadzilah Hassan. I am from a company called Mass Rapid Transit Corporation based in Malaysia where my role is actually as the Director of Commercial, as well as the Land Management. The role of my company actually is building the new Mass Rapid Transit, something like what you have with the subway here in New York. We are building that for the city of Kuala Lumpur.

I went back to my organization in my country with certain sets of learnings that I felt was quite useful. I think one of the thing that affected me a lot is in term of the values where you learn more about yourself and it's actually more of a reaffirmation. It is not something that you just found out. It's something that after a while and some deep introspection together with your coaches, you suddenly realize that this is what define yourself and the discovery of your natural style in term of dealing with other people and dealing within the organization. You sort of gel together. The whole thing about your own values, your personal style, and then when you deal back with organization and people within your department, you are more aware in term of what the dos and the donts. I think it helps me with regard to communication with my staff, with my bosses, it's also with my peers. That is an immediate learning that can be applied from the Columbia Advanced Management Program.
Haris Fadzilah Hassan