I have a confession to make. I'm on site at the advanced management program for four weeks, and the people at the school who sent me there would like to think of that as some great commitment that I have to the success of the program and that I'm sacrificing a lot to be there. I am committed to the success of the program, but the reason I'm there for four weeks is because I love doing it. Having the faculty director onsite as part of the program, through all the sessions, through all the exercise and team activities in the evenings, through the dinners and breakfasts, gives a chance to have a connectivity through the sessions. It gives me the opportunity to weave together themes that are underlying the surface of the sessions and help us really understand the big issues that are coming out of the program. And it also helps me understand the group much more, and I think that's necessary to create value for them at the highest level.

Paul Ingram