I think one of the things that we tend to underestimate as leaders is that we also do need mentors. People talk about it being lonely at the top. It can actually be lonely. And you need once in a while a deep down to just step back, have a chance of recharging and then say, "What are my next steps and how do I see my journey going forward?"

I have a better understanding of myself as a person. And I am more confident, not just from a leadership point of view as a business leader, but also as a family man and as a person of community in general. That I actually can see, make the change that I want to see, and I am part of that change and I can make a difference in the community that I live in, in the work that I am, in the family that I am. I have a lot of clarity which I've gotten around from Columbia Advanced Management Program in terms of where I want to be, what I see myself doing, how I do things, and my understanding and impact on other people.

We learn every day. And if they acquire new tools and new skills, and that's the only way we can get better at it. And if you don't learn, then you're not going to grow. So, it's fundamentally important that as an executive, you constantly are learning and adapting yourself to the environment.

Charles Mudiwa