Osama Saif:

So this course has really helped in terms of understanding what big data is, what the trends are, where the industry is headed, and most importantly understanding the concepts. It's still a field that's evolving and it's very good to join the ship very early and to position yourself for the future.

Renata Mattos:

I was looking for training in data science for a long time and all I could find is something very technical. So this course called my attention because it was the first thing that I saw that would mix management, business management, and data science. So it's a specific course for data science focusing on business leaders. So that's why I'm here at the first moment.

Michaela Cortez-Maronilla:

For the consumer industry, I think we're hitting a critical point at our life stage that we are actually inundated with a lot of data. So I think taking this course and making sure that I'm equipping myself as well as the rest of the team with the skills needed to translate this data into insights and into actionable recommendations, which the company can adopt and take and create a competitive advantage for the company is very important.

Jojo Azonuevo:

Our company is a startup, been around for three or four years. We've just started our journey into data science. So the Berkeley Program on Data Science & Analytics  is, for me, a key to us actually charting our way and identifying the right path, the journey to data science.