Michaela Cortez-Maronilla:

I think everybody seems to be a little bit scared and overwhelmed when people say analytics or data science, so I think what this course also does for me is somehow demystify what data science exactly means so that it's easy to apply it into our day to day organization. A lot of it really comes from analytical thinking and really looking at the data set that we have and making sure that you apply the analytical process to turn this data into something which the company can use.

Osama Saif:

The key takeaways from the Berkeley Program on Data Science & Analytics  are really understanding the trends in the market, in the industry you're in and also the limitations as well as the tools available and how you put it into application and extract meaningful insights for your business that could add value and also capture some of that value.

Jojo Anonuevo:

The big aha moment for me is actually data. Data science is actually key to product innovation and definitely it's something that I would actually practice so that as we actually roll out products, we actually bring in data at the same time that we are actually designing the product

Renata Mattos:

About all the things that we learned in that training, the tools are really, really useful. But I think the profiling of the team was the key thing for me. Knowing who should be in charge of everything and how to put it into work in our day by day, it will be very, very useful. So I think this is what I really jump in just as I finished this.