Renata Mattos:During the Berkeley Program on Data Science & Analytics, we were able to do a lot of connection, meet a lot of different people from the academic world to the business, from my region, to US and to Asia. It was really amazing. The diversity in different areas, different industry. I think this will be very, it'll be a key factor for me in the future. Knowing how they think and keep the contact with them. It's a great thing for sure.

Osama Saif:

So being part of the team and being part of discussions of very smart people in the room who have experience in data science and have actually put it into application is really humbling and adds tons of value and helps you know what you don't know.

Jojo Anonuevo:

The problems are interestingly very similar in some ways when you're actually looking at data, but at the same time how you approach the problem, from say a big corporation gives you insights into how essentially you could do that as a small company.

Michaela Cortez-Maronilla:

So a fantastic group of people coming from different sectors and industry. So we have our colleagues coming from fast moving consumer goods, but we have people as well from banking, entrepreneurs, as well as startups, which I'm really learning a lot from.