Jojo Anonuevo:

The other great thing about the Berkeley Program on Data Science & Analytics is actually the company visits. First of all, it's actually great that this is actually possible through the relationship that Steve and Chuck had with some of the guest speakers. We wouldn't be able to actually have been able to get into the insights of the likes of Pandora, even Uber, and other companies.

Osama Saif:

The variety of speakers, and the use cases, and the examples really helped giving us that breadth and understanding how the theory in economics, and the tool in statistics, as well as computer science, and in the simulation you put together, is interpreted and applied differently across multiple industries. Of course context matters throughout the process and they were really good in zooming and at times into the theory and the math of the problem statement, but also taking a step back and explaining how it's important to put it into application. They gave us real life examples from various industries in private and even government sectors.

Renata Mattos:

The one that I most liked was Fred. He was a faculty here in Berkeley, not one of the business people that we talk about, but he specifically addressed some that is very key to my region. That was corruption. The way he applied the models and everything into something that's so real to us, even being in an academic world and putting so deep into the reality, I think it was very inspiring.

Michaela Cortez-Maronilla:

I think we have several site visits, but one thing which really stood out for me is one we had yesterday from Pandora. I think it's exciting how the music industry and the entertainment industry is really leveraging data science to give personalized music entertainment to everybody. It's such an amazing way to learn how all of this data is collected together, applying the data science methodology and techniques, and turning it into something which consumers can enjoy.