Renata Mattos:Having the opportunity to learn from Shachar and Steve, I think it's an opportunity of a lifetime, not only the technical skills that they pass to us, but their experience and the way they are so enthusiastic about it. It's amazing.

Michaela Cortez-Maronilla:

Steve and Shachar are fantastic. So clearly, they are deep experts in their field of economics as well as data science, but they try to make the lecture very engaging and entertaining, that it's difficult falling asleep in their class despite my jet lag.

Osama Saif:

I think really Steve and Shachar manage to do an excellent job in explaining how economics and the math of human beings versus statistics, which is the math of data as well as computer science, which is the math of machines, how they all converse together, and how you use that into real life and use cases and business examples.

Jojo Anonuevo:

Very entertaining, and at the same time they're actually very approachable. So anytime during that class, even in breaks, they're there, they're willing to help you out to understand this Data Science and Analytics Program . But definitely, the key thing that they bring in and that made me really appreciate is the theory of data science, right, and how we would actually take that and apply that into our organization.