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This e-book contains the basic statistics, which is a pre-requisite to learning data science and analytics.

It is unlike any statistics textbook - because it focuses specifically on those statistical concepts that are relevant in data science. And explains them with real-world data science applications. We recommend this e-book to any prospective student of data science and analytics.

Some highlights of the e-book are

  • Each chapter stands independent of other chapters. So, you can pick and choose the topics that are relevant in your context. It does not require you to read sequentially.
  • Every concept has a corresponding real-world example for instance: Using distribution to forecast performance and sales figures, adjust marketing budgets according to quarterly data.
  • Some of the concepts are accompanied with Python code in case you want to test-drive Python.

Hope you have a great time reading it. Remember to check out the data science courses Eruditus offers by clicking here.

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How this e-book can help

The 21st century will forever be marked as the time when big data rose to become intrinsic to any kind of human enterprise. Technology and increasing digitisation are producing tera and petabytes of data, driving our increasing urgent need to analyse and understand it.

Companies and business and leaders across the world are deepening their data science expertise, hoping to power their growth through big data. Demand is growing for seasoned executives who are well-versed in real-world realities and can also derive analytics from data points with the help of artificial intelligence machine learning algorithms.

Our partner universities offer multiple programs for professionals across the gamut of data science, machine learning, business analytics, and more. One of the most frequently asked questions by aspiring data scientists is if they need a grounding in mathematics or statistics.

Data Science is a combination of statistics, mathematics, problem-solving, data capture, innovative data perspective, and activities related to data itself – with the help of technology like python programming, data analysis tools, machine learning models, artificial intelligence, and more. In particular, statistics is a point of concern, with multiple executives not having a background in it.

In keeping with our goal of bringing education to a global audience, Eruditus is proud to present this handy digital resource on Statistics for Data Science. This free e-book presents a range of concepts related to the management, statistical analysis, and insightful interpretation of data, in easily understood formats.

The concepts outlined in this e-book are integral to data science and thus are required to make strategic and effective business decisions. How can you use past customer purchase data to predict and recommend new products? Can you use distribution to forecast performance and sales figures? Based on data, can you adjust marketing budgets according to quarterly or even monthly goals? Can you find and analyse patterns within data to find the outliers, and thus understand how to surge ahead of business rivals? This easily downloadable volume has all these concepts and more, acting as not just prep for anyone who is interested in a data course, but also as reference material for someone in the course.

Ultimately, data science courses are aimed at helping professionals develop skills that will enhance business efficiencies through data-driven decisions. Through cutting-edge data science tools and techniques, live online methodology, a thorough focus on statistical techniques and emphasis on practical applications, professionals will be equipped to generate revenue-enhancing insights for businesses.

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